80 acres approximately 2 miles west of Paradise, Michigan in Northern Chippewa County

From DNR compartment data - 34 acres of woods.  Stand occurs along ridges with treed bogs along the sides.  Ridges are steep in places and there are areas where they may be inoperable to logging.  Access to stand runs through private land. There is a gated road leading to the stand, there are a few private cabins along the road.  Stand is getting old but still fairly healthy.    Cover type / Density - J6    Average DBH - 9    BA - 90
Remaining stand Treed Bog consisting of scattered suppressed spruce, tamarack and jack pine 1-3" DBH. Leatherleaf/lab tea/grass/sphagnum ground cover.

Plat - Subject - Green 80A


Topo map view


Looking North


Looking South

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